We provide a nurturing, relaxed, and non-sexist environment with caring adults where self concepts are enhanced, independence encouraged, free choice decisions are offered, social skills are acquired, and individuality respected. A large portions of time, the children spend with friends in a range of different and satisfying activities.

Language & Reading: Room For Growing will introduce letters, phonics, and words that begin with them. New sounds and letters are introduced with repetition throughout the school year. Children will be using Zoo Phonics reading program. Along with our phonics program we also use a whole language approach to help the children with their vocabulary, articulation, and proper grammar through stories, pictures and poems.

Math & Science: Activities are introduced to help children recognize shapes, sorting, quantity, serrate, matching, numbers and counting. Children learn how to write numbers, and do simple addition and subtraction. Science projects, experiments, cooking and measuring projects.

Large Motor: Children go outdoors twice daily, weather permitted. We encourage children to participate in daily exercises and games to help their coordination and gross motor abilities.

Art & Sensory: Art projects, sensory containers, easel and art shelves are available for use during structured and unstructured times. Different media is introduced all of the time; some of it is very messy but loads of fun.

Social Emotional: Our school age program promotes self-esteem and self-worth in all children. The teachers promote cooperative play and friendship. Children are introduced to multicultural activities and teachers encourage respect and understanding for individual differences.