Your Child's Day

Our School Age Program:

Partnering With Parents Developing

Life-Time Leaners

Room For Growing's before and after school program is a fun, creative and relaxing. Children have time to spend time with friends playing games and doing activities that interest them. Our high quality teachers plan a variety of daily activities to spark the interest of every child.

Our classroom’s are creative and changed monthly so the children have continued new and interesting play adventures. Our environment offers technology and updated materials to capture your child’s interest.

Your child’s day:

Transportation to and from school is provided by the school district.

Nurturing creativity with a variety of arts and crafts.

Independent thinking and learning toys and games.

Working as teams to produce cooperative and independant

Our curriculum supports and enhances the local school districts
goals and objectives.


Summer Adventure Program:

We offer a summer exploration program in the summer for children 5-10 years old. Our adventures begin with many planned outdoor activities which include fun topics like camping and bird watching. We travel to local parks and take field trips to a variety of fun and interesting locations