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Steps to Enrollment

A parent's first step to enrolling at Room For Growing is to take a center tour. Taking a tour allows for the parent and child to see the classrooms, meet the teachers, learn about the structure and curriculum, and ask questions. Prospective parents and children are also welcome to visit the center during business hours to interact and observe in the classrooms. Once a parent has decided to enroll at Room For Growing, a registration fee and the enrollment application will need to be handed in to guarantee an enrollment spot. No enrollment spots can be guaranteed unless a registration fee and enrollment application with a start date listed have been received. The following paperwork will need to be completed for the child to attend.

Emergency Card – The back and the front of the card needs to be completed. If you would like any relative alternatives to be an "anytime pick-up" please let a director know so they can authorize it.

Parent Tuition Agreement – This parent agreement reviews several of our policies regarding tuition.

Facts to Know – This highlights the most important policies in our handbook. A copy of our handbook can be requested upon enrollment.

Consent For Treatment – This document travels with your child, it gives Room For Growing consent to authorize medical treatment in the case of an emergency.

Enrollment Application – Please fill out the back and the front of the application. Be sure to include your child’s attendance schedule and start date at the top.

Immunization ReportAn immunization report needs to be filled out and signed by a doctor if the child is younger than 15 months. If the child is older than 15 months a parent can complete the report and sign it themselves.

Health Care Summary – The health care summary must be filled out by the child’s primary care physician and is required for a child to start enrollment.

Once a start date has been established, a required intake appointment will need to be scheduled if you are enrolling an infant or toddler. Intake appointments can take up to a half hour to complete. Intake appointments give infant and toddler parents time to meet with their child's primary caregiver and establish a relationship. Intakes also provide parents time to share information about their child's routines with their primary caregiver. Parents are welcome to transition their children slowly if needed; parents can set up a transition plan with center directors.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

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