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Attachment is a two-way process that is deeper and lasts longer than just a relationship. The parents is always the first and primary attachment the baby makes. Babies can make secondary attachments to people other than their parents. Secondary attachments are very important, so we assign a primary care giver to your infant when you enroll.

At Room For Growing Educational Child Development Center we provide a primary caregiver at the babies’ time of enrollment. We feel it is important to develop attachments with your child as soon as possible. The primary caregiver is sensitive to your babies needs; they will feed, change, rock and play with your baby. Soon your infant will recognize the primary caregiver as one who will meet their needs. They will gaze and sometime cry when she leaves. This is normal.

Our caregivers understand that parents may fear their children may gain secondary attachments outside the home at the expense of their primary ones parents. Our caregivers want to help ease your fears by letting you know they are unfounded. The Secondary attachment is in addition to the primary ones—not a replacement for them it may comfort you to know that these feelings are a sign that attachment is strong and it will hold.