Your child will learn the skills to be ready for kindergarten!

Children learn through a variety of activities and experiences. Our goal is to help prepare a child for kindergarten with confidence and tools to be a successful learner.

These are the skills we will work on with your child:

  • Take care of themselves and their personal things and work independently.
  • Make friends, solve problems with others, show empathy and negotiate.
  • Listen to stories and have conversations.
  • Recognize their names, interact with stories, re-tell stories, and make guesses using pictures.
  • Hold a pencil, write their names, and express themselves using a picture.
  • Count, sort, classify, create patterns, identify shapes and colors, and use language to describe math concepts.

Room For Growing incorporates and follows High Scope Growing Readers Early Literacy and Language Curriculum and High Scope Numbers Plus – Preschool Mathematics Curriculum. The High Scope Curriculum uses an approach called “active participatory learning” – to achieve powerful, positive outcomes. The High Scope Preschool Curriculum helps young children excel in language and cognitive learning. It also promotes independence, curiosity, decision making, cooperation, persistence, creativity and problem solving.