Policies and Procedures

Immunization & Health Care Summary- The State Of Minnesota requires that all children enrolled in childcare setting have current immunization records and health care summaries. Health care summaries need to be completed by the child’s primary care physician; they also need to be renewed when children move toddlers to preschool.

Take Home Notes- Once the children move up into the preschool, program, teachers will no longer fill out daily notes for parents. We will communicate verbally at pick-up and drop off times.

Labels- Please label all of your child’s belongings with their first and last name or first and last initial. Labeling belongings helps cut down on lost or mistaken items in the cubby area.

Nap Time- All children are required to rest on their cot for at least a half hour. If a child does not fall asleep after a half hour we do provide them with quiet activities to do on their cot. We do request that parents of children who do not regularly take a nap provide their child with a naptime bag.

Show & Share & Toys From Home- All preschool classrooms do have show & share on Fridays. We do not allow toys from home on any other days. If the transition from home to preschool is challenging, please consider a small snack or a picture of a family member to bring instead.

Parent Board- We enjoy when parents check the parent board and parent pockets as much as possible. We tend to post valuable information on the board and in the pockets.

Outside Play- The children also get the opportunity to get outside twice a day weather permitted. Our general weather guidelines for going outside to play are ninety degrees or less in the summer and twenty degrees or higher in the winter months.

Winter & Summer Apparel- In the winter parents are responsible for supplying their children with boots, snow pants, coat, mittens and a hat. If possible it is always helpful to have two pairs of mittens on hand, as we do go out in both the morning and the afternoon and they sometimes get wet. In the summer we discourage the use of flip flop sandals as foot wear, if your children enjoy wearing flip flops please bring alternative footwear for outside play.

Potty Training Philosophy- We do understand that the potty training process is a very important milestone for both the parent and the child. We believe that a child must be physically, mentally and emotionally ready for the process to begin. We want all potty training experiences to be as positive as possible. Room For Growing believes the process of potty training is a team effort. This is why we work with parents to create a plan, to develop as much consistency between home and preschool.