Your Child's Day

Our Preschool Program: Partnering with parents, investing in their future.

Room For Growing's primary goal is to prepare your child to successfully enter kindergarten. Our Preschool Program has been developed to meet the educational needs of children 4 to 5 years old. Our structured preschool program introduces a variety of learning experiences that allows children to grow, learn, and explore at their own rate.

Preschool children learn by doing. The classroom is set up so the children have plenty of hands on experiences throughout the day. The environment has quiet areas for reading, science and language experiences and noisy areas for cooperative play with blocks, manipulative and dramatic play.

Our curriculum is organized into weekly and monthly topics that encourage children to develop their skills and confidence. Each unit incorporates language, math, science, creative arts, music, motor skills and social development.

Your child’s day:

  • Combined fun and learning activities planned around the letter of the week.
  • Pre-reading, phonics, literacy, prewriting daily activities.
  • Engaging math, science, art, cooking, exercises, music, sensory and self help activities.
  • Individual development assessment forms and portfolios.
  • Self esteem, social development, acceptance of own gender and cultural diversity curriculum and as a foundation for learning.
  • Encouraging the development of independence.
  • Introduction to cooperation, helping, sharing and expressing feelings.